Peer Comparisons

Peer Comparisons

Peer groups are identified by institutions in order to compare and measure themselves in certain areas (e.g. enrollments, completions, tuition rates, graduation rates) to other institutions with similar characteristics or missions. These peer comparative groups are becoming more prevalent in internal decision making as they help guide change and provide future direction for the institution. Click here to see a list of peer comparison groups for each IU campus.

Note: IPEDS data is used for the sake of consistency in all comparative views below.


Comparative completion data (e.g. institutional peers, state peers) by campus and degree type (e.g. Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral – Professional/Research) can be found in this view for the last three years.  Coming soon, the dashboard will include a breakdown by CIP code.

This report provides comparative peer information (e.g. retention, 4- and 6- year graduation rates) for each IU campus.