Faculty Diversity

The reports presented on this website provide measures on faculty diversity.  For external uses, these reports leverage standard and replicable definitions from federal government sources (e.g. IPEDS) to allow for valid comparisons among institutions of higher education, and across geographic boundaries utilizing county, state, and US census data. These diversity views are recommended for external use.

Where appropriate, components of this data are "disambiguated" according to an internal trumping rule to provide consistent race/ethnic views over time and spanning the methodological change for reporting race/ethnicity implemented in 2010.  These views are not comparable with other institutions but provide valuable insight into the shifting student and faculty presence at IU. These reports are for internal use only.

Externally Comparable

Internal Use Only

  • Disambiguated "Two or More Races"

    These tables and charts re-assign instructional faculty who were identified as "Two or More Races" into single race categories according to a trumping rule.  The trumping rule assigns instructional faculty in this order: African American, Asian, Native American, and Pacific Islander.