Performance Objective

  • Institutional Research Capacity Development and Direct Research Support

    The overall effectiveness of university planning and institutional research depends on the capacities of all IU campuses to use institutional information, analysis, and inquiry effectively. Performance objectives for this area include:

    • Conducting institutional research studies to inform the entire university community regarding pertinent issues that impact higher education institutional planning, management, and operation.

    • Coordinating with IU campus institutional research staff and offices to promote the quality and consistency of institutional research and data gathering

    • Developing information resources that broaden access to and effective use of institutional data for university- and campus-level strategic and tactical decision-making.

  • External Reporting

    We contribute to IU’s mission by assisting in the development of internal performance metrics that measure institutional effectiveness and monitoring external performance indicators, such as academic program rankings and ratings that demonstrate IU's commitment to serving the people of Indiana, and a wide range of other stakeholders, including alumni, business and industry partners, current and prospective students, and research partners.

    Providing the statistical resources through which IU represents itself to external constituents and doing so and in ways that promote the contributions of all segments of the university.

    Completing required federal statistical reports and required Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE) data submissions.